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Crypto assets are a subset of digital assets that use cryptography to protect digital data and distributed ledger technology to record transactions.

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HRC Crypto Features

Top Class Security

crypto - assets are stored securely with the user friendly interface, wallet and its infrastructure is highly protected.

Instant Swap

Users can instantly swap their currencies without difficulty. Through this instant swap option, choose one crypto asset


Hr Crypto can process thousands of transactions per seconds and scale to thousands of nodes.

ICO Roadmap

  • Emergence and design of
    the idea
  • built our team
  • concept development
  • Start development of the earlier version and crypto wallet version
  • Negotiations on partnerships
  • website launch
  • White Paper published
  • Private and Pre-sale start
  • Crowdsale
  • Marketing campaign
  • Publishing Whitepaper
  • listing to the major exchanges
  • Crypto Wallet version release
  • Explorer Testnet launch
  • Platform earlier version development
  • HRN Explorer Launching soon
  • Marketing campaign
  • new partnerships and new marketplace support
  • Mainnet launch
  • Wallet beta-version release
  • Masternodes implementation
  • Platform integration to electronic marketplaces
  • Zero Fee

ICO Distribution

Token Allocation

Allocation is an allotment of tokens or equity, that may be earned, purchased, or set aside for a certain investor, team, group, organization, or other related entity.

Token Distrbution

Token distribution is an integral part of tokenomics research. It describes the proportions in which different groups of users and investors own blockchains tokens.

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